I got a byline for some bad dad jokes

I got a byline for some bad dad jokes

A friend of mine, Misty Heath, was asked to do a little roundup of “dank” phrases for the recent Orlando Weekly 420 issue.

The list was a comprehensive breakdown of terms like “blunt” and “Bogart” and words you often hear people mutter through their beards when they’re passing something to you on someone’s cottage patio.

Some of my favorite stand-outs are below but click HERE to see the entire list.

  • Blunt: A hollowed-out cigar that is refilled with cannabis, not the manner in which your wife talks to you when asking you to do the dishes.

  • Indica: Marijuana plant whose effects are associated with relaxation, pain relief, assisting sleep; the "more chill" effects. The saxophone of the pot family.

  • Strain: Term for a particular kind of plant type; there are hundreds of marijuana strains due to crossbreeding and most have fun names, like alternative My Little Ponies.; OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blue Dream.